Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino is now available with BlueOcean Gaming



Pragmatic Play made its live casino offering available with BlueOcean Gaming, which is a B2B online casino provider with over 10 years of experience in this industry. They own the highly popular game platform GameHub, as well White Label and Turnkey for online casinos. Pragmatic Play has reassured its commitment to expansion by growing its live casino growing offering with several more products in the past year. Nowadays the portfolio includes classics like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, as well as localized products and variants. These are all now available to the players of BlueOcean Gaming. The Vice President at Pragmatic Play, Lena Yasir s tated that BlueOcean Gaming has an incredible reputation in this business and the brand is definitely very happy to expand their audience with the company. The aim of Pragmatic Play is to enhance the brand and also to deliver their innovative games to as many players as possible. They’re incredibly glad to collaborate with BlueOcean Gaming. The CEO at BlueOcean Gaming said that Pragmatic Play’s state-of-th e-art live casino is one of the most known on the market and will make an amazing addition to their different and great offering. By providing their players with the best experience possible means incorporating the sector’s most innovative products and their fans will definitely be happy with this offering.

Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino is now available with BlueOcean Gaming

Why choosing live casino

During these times with the pandemic it’s normal that people are choosing to stay at home instead of going to a physical casino. Well, if you want to have a similar experience to a physical casino then you should try a live casino where there are live dealers since these are definitely something very good to try. You’ll have plenty of fun. Besides, you can play Pragmatic Play games. Nowadays it’s very easy to register yourself at an online live casino and start playing, which is definitely a great experience. And if you’re playing the best games, then it’s even better. You’ll definitely have an advantage with Pragmatic Play and BlueOcean Gaming. So look for those. A live dealer it’s something that you can benefit from, since you can talk with him or with her and that way you can always interact with them. You’ll have plenty of fun while playing at a live casino. These are more innovative and you can still play your favorite games like blackjack, poker, baccarat and even roulette. And some live casino have more games that you can play. It depends who their providers are.

The growth of live casinos

The growth of live casinos is only normal. Even when we weren’t affected by this pandemic, they’re growing worldwide which is extraordinary. This means that the future is looking well for this type of casinos as well, so you can continue to play or start to if you’re interested. You’ll definitely be glad you did, since there are plenty of advantages. In the United States, New Jersey is the biggest state where it’s possible to play live casino. This market is worth over USD 225 million a year in this state, which isn’t a joke. Of course, with the growth that has been happening it’s only natural that next year this revenue will also increase. Hopefully the rest of the states where gambling it’s legal and regulated will have an increase on their revenue, which is a great benefit. This means that people are adhering very well to the idea of playing at live casino and, especially, of playing through their computers. Of course, this is very good for providers and for operators as well.

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Pragmatic Play Delights Live Casino Players with Snakes & Ladders Live


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