10 Live Casinos That Use PayPal for Secure Deposits

PayPal is a well-known payment method all over the world. It is an American financial company with its headquarters in California. The company is mainly a payment processor for online auction sites and commercial enterprises.

PayPal was founded in 1998, initially only used for Palm Pilot payments, and at the time was known as Confinity. It now has over 240 million registered users, with plenty of them coming from live online casinos that accept PayPal.

That's because PayPal is a popular online gambling option at the so-called PayPal Casinos and one of the most trusted deposit methods to deposit funds onto your online casino account. One of the many reasons it is so popular is the wide number of countries accepting it.

10 Live Casinos That Use PayPal for Secure Deposits
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All You Need to Know About PayPal

It´s important to make sure to find a PayPal live casino that accepts the payment method. Below, our pro players from CasinoRank Canada have a list of the best PayPal casinos to choose from.

With over 250 million active users globally, PayPal is a secure, online financial service established in 1998. Back then, this San Jose-based payment provider was known as Confinity.

Some people have often been confused about who founded PayPal. The truth is, it was initially established by German-American venture capitalists Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, a popular Ukrainian-American developer and entrepreneur.

Then, in 2000, Confinity Inc. merged with X.com, an online bank Elon Musk co-founded with Christopher Payne, Ed Ho, and Harris Fricker. The fused company was known as "PayPal."

PayPal is among the leaders in the online payment industry, explaining why over seven million enterprises worldwide are proud to be associated with it. Uniqueness is one of the competitive advantages it enjoys.

For starters, it lets users link up to eight email addresses to one bank account. This enhances their protection since it's not easy for online hackers to gain unauthorized access to an individual's multiple emails. It also makes transferring funds more flexible.

PayPal also boasts a Bill Me Later feature that allows users to purchase products with inadequate funds and settle the bills later. This proprietary payment system is currently offered by 1000+ online merchants interested in enhancing convenience for their customers.

In addition, PayPal provides two account options. A user can create a personal or business account. Their most ideal choice depends on if they want a company account or one to enable them to pay for their goods & services and receive payments.

Deposit with PayPal at Casinos that Accept PayPal

It is easy to see why PayPal has become such a big player in licensed online casinos, and its ease of use is likely to keep it there for years to come. To make a deposit with PayPal at gambling sites, players need to open a PayPal Casino account.

How to Open an Account at Most PayPal Live Casinos in Canada

To use PayPal to play live casino games like online slots or the most interesting poker tables, players will need to set up a PayPal account first. This can be done on the PayPal website and only takes a few minutes to complete.

The amount of information that is required to open an account varies between countries due to local laws and differences in PayPal's approach to crime and fraud prevention, but the two things that are required everywhere are a mobile phone number and an email address.

Once the setup process is complete, there is one more thing to do before using a PayPal account to play a live casino game, and that is to set up a funding source. Thankfully, a massive amount of funding options are available, from credit and debit card options to bank account transfers. In some countries, PayPal also sells gift cards in retail stores, which makes it possible to fund a PayPal account using cash.

Once the funding source has been set up, players can make a PayPal deposit into their account (this is generally only possible using the bank transfer option rather than credit or debit card options in order to reduce the fees that PayPal has to pay as part of the transaction).

Payment Options at Gambling Sites Provided by PayPal

PayPal allows account holders to make payments via these methods:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank accounts
  • Rewards balance
  • PayPal Credit

How to Make a Deposit at most PayPal Casinos

If a live casino offers PayPal as a payment or deposit method, this will generally be shown in the footer and as part of the payment process. Here's all you have to do to get started at a PayPal online casino:

  1. To make a PayPal deposit, players simply select it as an option at online casinos that accept PayPal deposits and log into their account.
  2. Once they have done this, they can choose which PayPal casino deposit method they would like to use to make the payment, which would then lead to way to get the casino bonus money.
  3. As soon as the PayPal transactions are done, the casino players will then have the full PayPal casino site at their disposal.
  4. PayPal will then withdraw the required money from the e-Wallet or the debit card, and pass it onto the live PayPal casino.

Most payment methods supported by the e-Wallet offer instant PayPal casino withdrawals in these circumstances, but some take a number of days to clear, which means that casino players will have to wait before they are able to use their money to play at PayPal slots or the different blackjack games.

In these circumstances, it is recommended that players always keep a balance in their PayPal account so that funds are always there when they decide that it is time to play casino live games or to get that desired deposit bonus with or without free spins.

How to Make a Withdrawal at the Best PayPal Live Casinos

As with depositing money onto PayPal casino sites, punters also need to grasp how to use PayPal when withdrawing their payouts. To do this, they should:

  1. Log in to their online casinos that accept PayPal.
  2. Head to the withdrawal section and select PayPal to withdraw money.
  3. Enter the amount they want to move out of their online gambling site or mobile casinos.
  4. Confirm the transaction to transfer the money online back to the PayPal app.

Tips to Withdraw at the best Live Casinos with PayPal

When withdrawing money at PayPal casinos, it's wise for punters to ensure their PayPal accounts are verified. This helps to prevent unnecessary complications that could deter them from accessing their PayPal casino payouts as soon as they would like to.

Verifying a PayPal account is trouble-free. One can visit this payment provider's official website and search "how to verify PayPal?" It vividly illustrates the steps the punters should follow and the documents they must provide to succeed.

Players who know an online casino PayPal deposit and withdrawal daily limit and stick to it also relish this payment system's services.

Typically, when withdrawing in a PayPal casino, it depends on a specific platform's policies, and it can range between $500 and $8,000 or more. PayPal withdrawals are processed within a day at most live online casino sites, but they may take up to three days.

PayPal Supported Currencies and Countries

Customers across all continents can use PayPal to make digital payments, including those to live casino sites.

In Africa, customers from Algeria and Angola to Tunisia and Uganda can use PayPal's facilities, while customers from North and South America, from Canada down to Argentina, will find that their transactions are supported by the platform.

Similarly, PayPal is supported in a number of Asia Pacific markets, including Australia and India, while most European countries - including Germany and Sweden, among others - are also supported.

In total, PayPal says that customers from over 200 nations can use its services, which support balances in many of the world's different currencies. Dependencies such as Mayotte and the Cayman Islands are also serviced by PayPal, in addition to nation-states themselves.

The Existing App from PayPal

PayPal is a long-established payment provider and platform, first appearing over two decades ago in the late 1990s.

Today, PayPal continues to be one of the most popular digital wallets and payment solutions in the world and is accepted by many different sports betting sites and also regulated online casinos as a method of crediting funds and paying a deposit.

Many users will find that they do not need to make a new account or download any new software. The long history of PayPal - coupled with its association with online retail platforms such as eBay - means that many customers already have a PayPal account.

This means the platform already enjoys a high level of trust and will provide additional convenience to users who are already used to making payments via this method.

Top PayPal Casino Bonuses at Online Casinos

Below are the top Canadian casino bonuses from the best PayPal casinos:

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses give players the chance to recoup some of the losses they have incurred while enjoying live casino games. Generally, PayPal members can access these casino bonus offers if the PayPal casino offers them, but players should check the terms and conditions to make sure of this.

Full Deposit Bonuses

Some casinos may offer a full deposit PayPal bonus, giving the player their entire deposit as a free gift. So, if the player puts down $100 as a deposit, the PayPal casino may match this for free, which means the user can play with $200. Again, PayPal users will generally be able to access this kind of deposit bonus where it is offered.

Partial Deposit Bonuses

PayPal casinos won't always offer the full deposit as part of the deposit bonus and may just offer part of it. For instance, a PayPal casino might offer a 50% deposit bonus, giving the user half of their deposit as a free gift.

So, if the user pays a $50 deposit, they would have $75 in their account. Like full bonuses, PayPal users should be able to access this bonus when it is offered.

No Deposit Bonuses

Especially with new players in Canada, the favourite option this year is the no deposit bonus. This offer can include free spins for selected online live slots or bonus money for free. The only thing that's required from you is that you register an account at the PayPal casino sites.

However, not all live casinos offer a no casino deposit bonus, which is why we recommend you to check out our site to find the right online gambling site with this type of offer for you.

Free Spins

Free spins are essentially a free try or go on selected online slots at the best PayPal casino. This is a common form of PayPal casino bonus around the world. Unfortunately, PayPal users will not always be offered this bonus, even when there are casino PayPal deposits.

Therefore, players should check all terms and conditions before making the deposits and withdrawals with the e-Wallet.

Welcome Bonuses

PayPal casinos may decide to welcome a new player with a PayPal casino bonus, which may include a deposit bonus or some free spins. PayPal members may sometimes be excluded from these bonuses, since often you'll only be able to get it with a debit card - so players should check the casino's terms and conditions.

However, if the PayPal casinos do accept this payment method, then you'll often be entitled to free spins and a certain percentage bonus, which will do wonders once you're ready to withdraw casino winnings from your account.

Loyalty Bonuses

A loyalty bonus is a way for the casino accepting PayPal to reward returning customers. This type of bonus might include a full or partial deposit bonus, or it might involve free spins on a game.

In most cases, PayPal members will be able to access this bonus, but players should verify this beforehand and see if the payment method is accepted.

Why Deposit with PayPal at Live Gambling Sites

PayPal is popular because it is supported by so many online gambling platforms and financial institutions. If a company accepts online payments from this payment method, there is a significant chance that you'll also be able to claim free spins or any other bonus, once you've made the minimum deposit. Its simplicity makes it a popular choice for people looking for deposits and withdrawals.

One aspect that makes this payment method an excellent choice compared to some other operators is the ease with which money stored in a personal PayPal account can be transferred either to the PayPal account holder's own bank account or another PayPal account almost instantly.

This means that players can receive their casino winnings almost immediately by making an online casino PayPal withdrawal.

In countries such as Canada, the US and the UK, PayPal has agreements with most banks that allow deposits and withdrawals to be made in a matter of minutes, often with no PayPal withdrawal fee attached.

For players looking for deposit methods at casinos in countries where PayPal does not offer free withdrawals to bank accounts, the large number of websites that accept PayPal as a means of payment should be enough to make it an option worth considering.

Safety and Security at PayPal

When checking a payment system's safety, most people are keen on factors such as:

  • Its reputation
  • The technology leverages to improve security
  • Its anti-fraud policies

Luckily, PayPal is invested in providing top-notch security to protect its users from being scammed. It utilizes IP & Browser Sensitive software, which lets it know an individual's location immediately they log into their account.

This technology also enables the payment method to access a device's browsing history to detect suspicious IP changes and prevent fraudulent activities.

When transacting with PayPal, players or users must verify their identities, especially when large sums of money are involved. There's a unique payment protection mechanism where this platform holds cash for a specified duration (could be up to 180 days) if there's a dispute or proof of scam. It only releases the funds after confirming it's not a fraud.

Other Payment Methods Like PayPal

There are other secure payment methods that are similar to PayPal. The most common are e-Wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. They are both convenient to use and well known. The majority of PayPal casinos also accept these payment methods, alongside prepaid cards like Paysafecard and Neosurf, or even cryptocurrency.

Nevertheless, make sure to always check the live casino if these alternatives are available. For instance, a PayPal casino UK may have restrictions due to GamStop and the UK Gambling Commission, which is why not even traditional credit and debits cards are allowed anymore.

The good news is that things are different in Canada, since the Kahnawake Gaming Commission allows all sorts of PayPal deposits and PayPal withdrawals at online casinos in 2022.

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How do I gamble with PayPal balance?

Playing at new PayPal casinos or at any other online casino is quite easy when doing so with an e-Wallet like this one. You simply have to have funds on your personal account and then transfer it to the online casino in Canada. The same goes for PayPal withdrawals, since they require the same procedure as the deposit.

Can you deposit to an live casino with PayPal?

Sure, you can! Using PayPal at an online casino is like doing so with your bank account, since it just requires you to send your funds over to that online casino and make a minimum deposit. Once you've done that minimum deposit, you can get started at the online casino and claim that bonus or enjoy those games.

If a user makes a credit card payment, is there a verification process?

Yes, there is a verification process. PayPal sends a refundable charge to a user's card with a 4-digit PayPal code. This code is then used for a credit card verification. It can be identified by the words ‘PayPal’ or ‘PP’. It is then possible to use the code, log in to the PayPal account and go to "Overview".

Click on "Confirm my debit or credit card". Next, Enter the 4-digit PayPal code to complete the verification. The minimum amount will be refunded to a PayPal account in 24 hours.

When do fees apply on PayPal?

PayPal tries to minimize fees. However, there will be times when a user is charged a fee. The main fees apply when sending or receiving money from other countries. Furthermore, if a payment is made with a linked credit or debit card, fees apply. However, using the balance of the PayPal account does not attract a fee. If a user is sending money to friends and family, there are no fees. Fees apply when using a debit or credit card for sending money to friends and family.

Which currencies can be added to PayPal, and how to do it?

The major currencies such as USD, Euros, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, AUD and CAD are all easy to use on PayPal. Many other currencies can also be used. USD can also be sent to countries using the currency in some countries. The person on the other end can then withdraw in local currency.

It is possible to add a currency by clicking on "Profile", then "My Money". Next, click "Currencies" and click on the "Manage Currencies" to add a new currency. Any future currency will be credited to an account. Money will be converted to a default currency if the specific currency has not been added.

Is PayPal safe?

PayPal uses the latest software and data encryption available. The company also uses anti-fraud technology for more player security. It reduces the risk of scams and frauds. It has a rigorous verification process for adding payment methods, making payments, and using accounts in new countries.

Will PayPal use the same exchange rate as bank accounts?

PayPal’s exchange rate is usually higher than the market and financial institution rates. It is also possible to find the exchange rate by going to "My Account", "Profile" and clicking "My Money". Clicking on "Currencies" reveals the exchange rates. Next, enter the amount to exchange and hit "Calculate" to proceed. The exchange rate will be displayed on the screen. Move forward and make a transaction.

Is it easy to top-up a PayPal account?

Adding money to an account is free, but bank charges apply. Topping up can be done within minutes. Go to "My Account", "Top Up", select a bank and click continue. Next, the amount is topped up off another page. Select the correct currency. It may take a few days for the money to hit an account.

Who can get a PayPal account?

Only people that are over 18 years old can get a PayPal account. Children are not permitted to sign up for an account. Users also need a bank account or credit card to top up. sSend money or receive money from others and make a withdraw. An email is also required to verify an account for signing up, changing passwords, and more.

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