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Ever wished you could experience the thrill of a casino dice game from home? Welcome to First Person Craps! It's the classic game of craps, but like you've never seen before. Dive into a game where you're at the heart of every roll, feeling the excitement firsthand. Whether you're a craps pro or a beginner, this fresh take is designed for everyone. Ready to try? Don't wait. Visit the top First Person Craps casinos on CasinoRank's toplist and roll the dice today!

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What is First Person Craps

First Person Craps is a solo version of one of the most iconic casino table games in the world, played using random number generator software instead of a real live dealer to run things. The core concept of the game is predicting dice rolls, although what makes the game particularly interesting is the huge variety of betting options available.
While a regular craps game features the shooter who rolls the dice plus a number of spectators who may also place bets on the roll, First Person Craps is a solo game featuring only the shooter. On the most common type of bet, the Pass bet, the player wins if, when the two dice are first rolled, the total equals 7 or 11, or if the shooter then rolls that same number again any time before rolling a 7. A 2, 3, or 12 result is an instant loss on a Pass bet. There’s also Don’t Pass, which is a bet basically against the shooter and the opposite of a Pass bet.
Beyond that, there are also Come and Don’t Come bets which rely on the result of the second dice roll only, multi-roll bets which are just about hitting a certain result before a 7, one-roll bets, hardways, and several more on top. Those who are familiar with craps will recognize all of these and they’ve all been represented as faithfully as possible in this single-player version.

What is Evolution Gaming?

A household name as far as casino fans are concerned, Evolution has been creating high-quality live casino games since all the way back in 2007, and now stands almost uncontested at the top of the market. They are well-known for the excellent production quality of their games as well as many creative concepts which aren’t found anywhere else.
The First Person series represents a major departure for them, as usually, they stick solidly to live games, although they’ve brought the same dedication to quality to these single-player versions.

How to Play First-Person Craps

The first step is to place bets before any dice are rolled. By craps first roll rules, the most common are the Pass and Don’t Pass bets, which are seen as standard, and actually required in some live casinos. If the result comes up as 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12, wins are paid out and the round ends there. With any other results, the “point” is made, other bets come into play, and the shooter rolls until they get a 7 result
Come and Don’t Come bets can then be made on the next roll for instance, and work exactly like Pass and Don’t Pass except after the point instead of before it. Place bets are bets that a chosen number comes up on any roll before the 7, and are part of a group called multi-roll bets. This also includes Hardway bets, which are like Place bets but require rolling doubles to get the chosen number out of 4 6, 8, or 10.
The last category are one-roll bets, which work as they sound and are separate bets on the outcome of any single roll, including the Field roll which has probably the best odds out of the category. This huge range of bets can look confusing, but in First Person Craps there are no time limits for placing bets as in the live version so there is plenty of time to read through and decide. The game even comes with an introductory video to help as well.

Play First Person Craps for Free

Evolution games as a rule don’t have a free demo mode to play, and this is also true of their First Person game series. The only way to play is for real money.

Play First Person Craps for Real Money

Setting up an account with a live casino and depositing some funds into that account is the only way to play First Person Craps at all, as there is no free mode.

Other Games in the First-Person Series

First Person Craps is the only version of Craps in the series, which is understandable given that it doesn’t really need any more features added in, but the First Person collection does have a huge range of other varied titles in it. As a note, all of these games, First Person Craps included, have a ‘Go Live’ button which takes the player directly to the live equivalent of the game.

First Person Lightning Roulette

Taking another iconic casino table game and giving it the Evolution treatment, First Person Lightning Roulette is similarly a single-player version of the live Lightning Roulette. For the most part, it plays the same as European roulette with players trying to pick the number the ball will land on. Bets range from red/black or even/odd bets with 1:1 payouts to more specific bets with payouts that are much larger.
What makes the lightning version different is that, after bets are placed, up to 5 numbers get a multiplier stuck to them, and if those numbers win any payout is multiplied, making even the safest bets more valuable.

First Person Mega Ball

For a completely different type of live casino game, First Person Mega Ball takes the basic bingo concept and adds something a little extra to it. The machine drops 20 randomly chosen balls from 1 to 50 into the tube, plus a 21st ball which acts as the Mega Ball with a multiplier decided on a reel spin.
Before the balls drop, the player buys one or more 5x5 playing cards, and any numbers on their cards that appear are crossed off. Full lines of numbers pay with more lines on a single card paying more, and any lines made with the Mega Ball get the multiplier attached to them. In rare cases a second Mega Ball can also drop, increasing the multiplier win chances.

How to Win at First Person Craps

Winning at First Person Craps is the same as any game of craps, and just involves predicting dice rolls. The rest depends on the way the player wants to play. If a lot of small wins are the target, the same as a low-volatility slot game, then going for high-probability bets such as Pass, Come and one-roll Field bets is probably the best idea.
On the other hand, if the player is aiming for bigger wins, then they would need to choose far more specific sets of results. Hardway bets are up there amongst the least likely to win thanks to all the different factors that need to happen first, but they naturally also pay the most compared to the wager. This is the only real strategic decision in the game, as it isn’t played against other games like poker.

Odds and Payouts

As stated above, Pass and Come bets have the best odds of all bets at just over 49% chances of winning, so only slightly worse than a coin flip. Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets are only slightly behind at 48% thanks to the chance of a push on a roll of 12. All four pay even money though, so theoretically Pass and Come are the more sensible bets.
Whether it’s two threes, two fours or two fives in craps, at the other end of the scale are the Hardway bets which have extremely low odds, around 10% for a multi-roll bet and only 2.9% for a single-roll bet. They also have the highest payouts though, with a hard 12, or 6 and 6 result, paying 30:1 on a single-roll bet. As a note, this is the only bet where a 12 counts as a win, being either a loss or a push in all other cases.
All other bets on the table are somewhere between these two extremes although there are too many to fully list everything here.

RTP of First-Person Craps

Craps is famous for being one of the most player-friendly table games in that the RTP sits at an extremely high 99%, meaning that it has the best RTP of any table game or indeed any casino game out there. This is an average calculated over a very large number of games and while it’s no guarantee of any kind of result in real life, it is a good measure of how likely a game is to pay out close to the wagers put in.

The Experience of Playing First Person Craps

For this title, the software Evolution Gaming has taken great care to preserve as much of the feel and as many of the features as possible from the live casino game, and the graphics on display really give the player that feeling of style expected from a real casino. The 3D environment is immersive and the controls are intuitive so overall the player experience is high, and the fact that it can be played from any location, and at whatever time suits the player, gives the game extra convenience that the live game simply doesn’t have.

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What is the RTP of First Person Craps?

While the actual returns depend very much on each player’s betting strategy, overall First Person Craps is listed with a 99% RTP, meaning that the player can expect to get almost all wagers back on a statistically average playing session.

How do you win First Person Craps?

Depending on the player’s betting strategy the goal can be different, but the core target is to predict what numbers are rolled, although as the game is based on an RNG this is down to chance.

Are there any bonuses or extras in First Person Craps?

With the amount of betting options in play in First Person Craps, the game is full enough as it is and so there are no extras or bonuses in play.

Is First Person Craps safe to play?

In terms of security, Evolution has one of the best systems in the world of online casinos, and can be trusted to handle payments and winnings with absolute safety.

Is First Person Craps good for beginners?

Thanks to the extremely high RTP and relatively simple starting bets, the Evolution First Person Craps game is one of the best games for new casino players available, especially as this single-player version is not time-limited and can be taken slowly.

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