Do Tracking Live Casino Game Results Help?



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How many of you take time to calculate wins and losses at the live casino? Don’t worry much because many gamblers are guilty of making this mistake. Knowing how much you spend and win at the live casino is vital, whether you’re a recreational or professional casino player. That’s because it’s easy to make the wrong bets or overspend if you don’t keep track of game results. 

Do Tracking Live Casino Game Results Help?

So, this 3-minute read discusses why it’s crucial to record your live casino results and how to do it in an organized manner. The short of it all is to help you know what’s working for you and what’s not. Get a notebook!

What Do Result Trackers Do?

Result trackers are tools that give players detailed information about the casino game. With these tools, you can get critical information about the live game and know how to maneuver the tricky landscape. An example is Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming, which has an in-game stat tracker. 

Below are some  pieces of data you can get from result trackers:

  • The history of game results
  • How often a specific outcome has occurred
  • The biggest wins you’ve ever had in the game
  • Biggest multipliers won
  • Wins in specific game segments

While the best live casino games come with inbuilt stat trackers, the data could be pretty shallow. So, if you’re serious about tracking game results, you may need to invest in a third-party stats tracker. There are several of them online at affordable fees. 

Why Tracking Game Results and Stats Could be Helpful

Now, this is that part that you’ve probably been waiting for. Why should you track your live casino game results using stat trackers? Below are some solid reasons to do that:

Reason #1: Know the Best and Worst Bets to Make

Seasoned online casino players know that all bets are unequal, as some wagers can have better winning chances than others. But instead of depending on mere hearsay, play the bets and track results to arm yourself with practical facts. Don’t worry about your bankroll, because you can experiment with live casino bonuses and promotions. Even better, most games allow players to wager for as little as $0.10, giving you 1,000 game rounds on a $100 budget. 

Take Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming, for example. This game allows you to play both inside and outside bets. After playing these wagers over a particular period, check to see which bets are the friendliest. Of course, the results will only reaffirm the assumption that even-money bets like red/black, odd/even, and high/low win more often unless you’re incredibly fortunate with the inside bets. So, use the stat trackers to know the casino bets that work and those that don’t. 

Reason #2: Balance Your Wins and Losses

Live casino players need some bookkeeping skills to succeed in this field. As you may already know, successful companies/individuals know how much they make and lose. Apply the same mentality when playing live casino games. After all, you’re using real money to gamble, and knowing the amount you’ve won or lost over a certain period is essential. 

The easiest way to record wins and losses at a live casino is to jot down your deposits and withdrawals. Players can do this manually using a pen and paper or digitally on a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (or a similar program). For example, you can have rows and columns for the date, deposits, withdrawals, and running totals. This basic record-keeping practice can tell you whether you’re on the right track or should take a break. 

Reason #3: Know Your Strong and Weak Points

Playing live casino games for fun is the best strategy you can get. But can you name a casino player who wouldn’t want to recoup some of their lost amounts at the casino? Probably none! You’ll be doing charity work at the online casino if you don’t track game results. The idea is to know your strengths and weaknesses and improve on them accordingly. This is a critical gambling practice, especially if you’re still a beginner at casino games.

For example, you can realize that doubling down with a hand value of 11 in ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo by Pragmatic Play is a working move. You’ll then proceed to strengthen this move by doubling down in other instances, like when you’re showing a soft 16/17 or hard 9/10. Conversely, track the results to know your weaknesses and avoid making these mistakes in the best live casino sites in 2023. Remember, fixing gambling defects can take more time than building on positives. 

Reason #4: Choose a Working Betting System

There are numerous betting systems to use these days. You can bet using Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, James Bond, and more. The main objective of using these systems is to minimize losses and make your bankroll management more organized. An example is the Martingale system, which calls for live casino players to double their stakes after registering a loss. Ultimately, a single win will recover losses and add something to your bankroll. 

But all betting systems do not have the same results. So, to be safe, experimenting with numerous techniques and tracking the outcomes can help you know which works best. Like, you may realize that the Martingale system slices through your bankroll pretty quickly. In that case, the results could advise you to switch to something more conservative, like Paroli and Fibonacci. But remember, no system can reduce the house edge of a live casino game. 

Should You Track Game Results?

Up to this point, you might wonder if it’s worth tracking live casino game results. The answer is yes/no! On the positive side, tracking results will help your casino sessions feel more organized and know the bets that work and those that are unfriendly. Note that different bets have varying house edges, meaning some might pay out more often than others. That’s the main reason why Evolution includes results trackers in most of its live casino games. 

But on the flip side, tracking results is simply a gambler’s fallacy. Now assume you’re tracking the results of a live roulette game. The fact is that each number and color has an equal chance of appearing when the ball stops. It’s even worse with live game shows which use RNG (random number generators) to produce unexpected results. So, don’t track game results because you want to pay your weekend bills.

Best gambling quote: “Successful gamblers always have two things on their lips: Silence and a smile”

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