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Latest news - Page 7

Top Three Gambling Misconceptions Demystified


Casino players are bombarded with a sizeable number of myths. This article, thus, seeks to unearth three common misconceptions among casino players.

Places where one can enjoy the best live roulette games


Roulette is a popular game with most gamblers. Heres a look at the best places around the world where people can get the best live roulette.

Many are Looking Forward to Live Games on the Internet


Just when a person thinks that online gambling can't get any better, new concepts like Live Games are being planned for a very exciting future.

The Top Detailed Guide to Taking the Casino's Money


There's a lot of pressure involved when starting an online poker game. Here's a review of the top book to guide players on making constant winnings.

Secrets Gamblers Use to Manage their Gambling Bankrolls


In order to gain from gambling, punters must have bankrolls in order to keep playing. This article gives some tips on how to manage gambling bankrolls.

Must-Have Tips for Poker Players to Win Poker Tournaments


Are you a poker player struggling to win at poker competitions? Find the best strategies, tricks, and tips to win any poker tournament in this article.

Tricks Used by Casinos to Make Gamblers Keep Betting


There are things which might seem normal in casinos but they are marketing tools. They are tricks to make sure gamblers bet to their last coin.

Using a Roulette Calculator to Increase the Number of Wins


There is technology available for roulette players to help increase their chances of a win like roulette calculators but are they worth it?

Professional Gambling and the Skills Required to Win


Professional gambling is done for money and requires some level of skills in order to win. Knowledge of the game is important if one wants to become a pro.

Successful Casino Gambling Tips for Gambling Beginners


For beginners to be successful in casino gambling, there are a few tips that they need to know. These include financial management among others.

Win Big with Small Wagers Stake


Gambling is one of the easiest ways of making good money. This article gives some secrets on how one can win bets without losing their money

Three Tips for Increasing Chances of Winning Casino Games


The motivation of playing casino games is to win and make money. This article shares practical tips to help punters increase their chances of winning.

Guide to Maximizing Your Winning Edge While Playing Poker


This article shares a few proven tips and strategies, which if well implemented, could help poker players improve their chances of winning.

Answering a Few Questions About a Good Poker Strategy


The goal of every gambler is to win as much as possible at casinos. This article gives answers some questions the importance of a good Poker strategy.

A Player's Guide to Win Blind vs. Blind Poker Battles


Win Blind vs. Blind Poker Battles make poker interesting and lucrative. This article seeks to help punters learn how to take advantage of these battles.

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