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April 27, 2022

Yggdrasil Gaming Debuts the Fully Automated Baccarat Evolution

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Yggdrasil Gaming is a household name in the online slots stage than table games. But the developer is currently making some serious inroads into the table games market with some excellent RNG table games and live casino games. The latest addition to its solid table game library is Baccarat Evolution, released on February 17, 2022. 

Yggdrasil Gaming Debuts the Fully Automated Baccarat Evolution

After its release, this card game marked the first release by Darwin Gaming since joining Yggdrasil in 2021. Speaking after the launch, Yggdrasil's Head of Products and Programs, Stuart McCarthy, said that this game offers something new to all baccarat fans. On the other hand, Darwin Gaming's CEO, Nuno Goncalinho, said that they are confident players will love this immersive baccarat variant. Only time will tell!

How to Play Baccarat Evolution

The rules of this brand-new baccarat game in live casinos are relatively straightforward if you've played baccarat before. Players only need to place a bet amount and choose an outcome. Yes, that's it! In this game, the objective is to make a hand close to 9 or 9 itself. It's pretty similar to blackjack, although players don't have any control over the cards in this respect.

That said, players can wager on the Player's hand or Banker's hand to win, just like in a typical baccarat scenario. Also, you can predict a Tie. After choosing a bet, the Banker and Player positions will get two cards each, and the position that scores the highest carries the day. Both the Player and Banker positions have a payout of 1:1 or 1x the initial bet. 

But why 9 when some cards have a face value of 10? Here's the thing, baccarat game rules stipulate that picture cards and 10s are worth nothing. So, for example, if you're dealt a 10 and 8, the 10 counts as 0, leaving you with 8. It's also worth noting that Aces have a single point with the other cards representing their actual face values. 

Baccarat Evolution Game Rules, Odds, and RTP

You can play Baccarat Evolution with a minimum bet of 0.50 and a maximum of 35 per hand. The game also features a high-roller VIP option with stakes ranging from 5 to 350 per hand. This makes it perfect for all bankrolls out there.

When it comes to the game rules, the Player hand that hits a 9 or 8 is a natural win. But that's unless the Banker position has the same score. If the Player scores a 7 or 6, they stand. And any total between 0 and 5 is a draw unless the Banker's hand has a winning score. 

The similarities with the classic live baccarat game don't end there. Hitting the Player and Banker's hands rewards players with a 1:1 payout. In other words, you get $1 for every $1 bet. The Tie bet is the most rewarding paying out at 8:1. But creating a draw requires some serious luck.

RTP-wise, the Banker and Player hands have 98.94% and 97.76%, respectively. As you can see, the Banker's hand is the most player-friendly. However, a 5% to the house applies. The Tie bet maxes out at a massive 85.64%. So, it's probably wise to avoid it altogether. 

Baccarat Evolution Bonus Features

Credit to the developer. Yggdrasil keeps all the basics of the classic baccarat game. But to add to the excitement, the developer adds the Turbo Mode, which allows you to adjust the speed of play and control the betting round duration. This way, you to accurately create a budget and have more control over the game.

Players can also enable or disable the game's Touch Controls as they like. Also, the Manual Peak feature adds extra drama by allowing you to reveal the cards more slowly. And best of all, you can set the game theme as dark, light, or standard. 

Baccarat Evolution Strategy and Tips

The best strategy for any online live casino game, including baccarat, is to hope for a loss. That's because these games are designed to consistently give the house an edge no matter what strategy you may use.

But don't just take it lying down. It's absolutely possible to record ten straight Banker or Player wins on a lucky day since the house edge in these bets is low. Remember, the Banker and Player hands have 45.80% and 44.62% hit frequencies. The Tie bet is the lowest at 9.2%.

But even with such a high hit frequency, the losing chances are almost 55% in the Banker and Player hands. And as said earlier, avoid the Banker hand due to the 5% commission to the house on every win. 

Overall, playing the Player hand is your best overall baccarat strategy. Another thing, only play this game at the best Yggdrasil live casinos to enjoy a fair and transparent gaming environment. Give it a try, and good luck!

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