July 24, 2021

Tried and True Tips for Hitting More Video Poker Jackpots

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During Live casino gambling, players have only two options; go for the less common big wins or be satisfied with small, frequent wins. For example, blackjack and baccarat gamers win most of the time, but the money isn’t life-changing.

Tried and True Tips for Hitting More Video Poker Jackpots

On the other hand, video poker and slot machine players prefer the big score, although wins are less often. Usually, the biggest wins in these games are jackpots. So, how exactly do you win the colossal video poker jackpots? This article has some tips!

How video poker jackpots are setup

Whether you’re playing poker on a live casino or a land-based casino, the royal flush is the premium hand. In other words, getting this hand might land you the game’s top-most prize, which is the jackpot. But to hit the royal flush, your hand must consist of five sequential cards of a similar suit. The arrangement starts from the 10 all the way to the Ace.

Meanwhile, the royal flush pays out 4,000 coins for every five-coin bet ($1.25). In return, this gives you a total of $1,000. Along with the royal flush, you can also scoop a big win with the following hands:

  • Four aces - $100
  • Straight flush – $62.50
  • Four 2s through to 4s - $50
  • Four 5s through to kings - $31.25
  • Full house - $10
  • Flush - $6.25
  • Straight - $5
  • Three of a kind – $3.75
  • Two pair - $2.50

How to win the jackpot

As you may already know, walking away with the video poker jackpots is no mean feat. However, there are a few tips to help you be the winner.

Playing maximum coins

Playing all the five coins in video poker is the only way to pocket the 800 coins in a single payout. Betting anything less will give you 200 coins. Therefore, if you’re eyeing and video poker jackpot, bet all the available coins.

Interestingly, the probability of getting the royal flush remains the same even if you wager fewer coins. So, what’s the difference? Logically, getting 800 coins for a single payout is a lot better than getting 200 for a single payout.

Play for high stakes

Sounds straightforward, huh? Most players are usually afraid to risk much on a single shot. But the truth is that you can’t win those $100,000 video poker jackpots when playing with fear. Players who play for high stakes win more considerable sums with the maximum coin bet.

For example, some video poker games let players risk up to $25 per hand. Therefore, if you choose the maximum bet, you can easily go home with a six-figure salary.

Have a big bankroll

Honestly, you don’t stand a chance to win a six-figure pay if you don’t have a big bankroll. That’s because video poker can be expensive to play, especially when chasing a jackpot. That said, having a big bankroll ensures you stay at the table for longer, maximizing your winning potential in the process.

However, the bankroll should be money that you can comfortably live without. In addition, you should have a stop-loss limit. For instance, if you can comfortably play with $20,000 and you plan on wagering $10 per hand, this means you’ll have up to 2,000 betting units (20,000/10). In that case, you can walk away after playing 100 or 200 units with or without success.


You see, winning a video poker jackpot is not that difficult. Just have a slight sense of arranging the royal flush, and you’ll scoop the pot at some point. Also, never miss the chance to shoot at the progressive jackpots, as the prize pool is more considerable here. But always remember that your chance of striking the royal flush in this game is one in around 2 million hands. Nonetheless, the odds of winning video poker jackpots are way better than many slot machine jackpots.

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