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Unlimited Blackjack opens a door of opportunity to an unlimited number of players to enjoy the same game concurrently against one dealer. Bets can be placed on any table position. Specific pairs of cards feature an auto-split function to allow a unique gaming experience and more fun. In addition to the classic blackjack strategy, unlimited blackjack allows ‘perfect pairs’ or the famous 21+3 side bets. The good thing is that this game is playable on any device be it mobile or desktop.

How to play Unlimited Blackjack: Unlimited Blackjack rulesSplit
How to play Unlimited Blackjack: Unlimited Blackjack rules

How to play Unlimited Blackjack: Unlimited Blackjack rules

The game uses 8 pre-shuffled cards. When a new deck of cards arrives, they are put in the shoe by the dealer who deals them with a divider. Then he declares replacement of cards in the subsequent round. Evert, there is a new set of pre-shuffled cards, the previous ones are removed. An extra shuffle has to be done before putting new cards in the shoe.

In live blackjack, a player enters the table and waits for the next player. Then they place their bet, which is usually a chip that is placed on a betting position. It is okay to place various chips in different positions simultaneously. There is a timer to indicate how much betting time is left. All players must confirm their bets either through the Confirm button or auto-confirmation setting. Some casinos allow automatic confirmation by default so in this case, the Confirm button is not available. This feature can be turned off in the game settings.

At the end of each round, payments for the winning bets are released. A new round starts after the signal of No More Bets. Players can place bets or press the Rebet button. If one wishes to skim a turn, they do not bother placing a bet on the table. After placing and confirming the main bet, players open doors for multiple bets where additional bets ensue. To take action after the round, players can use such buttons as Split, Double, Stand, Insurance, or Hit. A player automatically takes the Stand if they don’t make any move. If they choose Double, their balance reduces by an equal amount of their bet but the main bet doubles. The round is over when the player at the table scores over 21 (bust). No more cards will be drawn by the dealer.

How to win at Unlimited Blackjack: Unlimited Blackjack strategy

To master the unlimited live blackjack strategy, first know when to hit or stand, split pairs, double down, make insurance, or surrender. Suppose you have an edge over the house. There is no need to split or hit. In case you feel that there is zero chance to beat the dealer, then you can surrender or fold. In most cases, the dealer draws no more cards after 16 or 17. But each specific live casino site has i ts limits depending on the version of Blackjack. Here are more steps to take to increase your chances of beating a live dealer.

Revert to hard totals unless you have 16 surrenders against 9 through Ace
Do not surrender unless you got 15 surrenders against 10

Each unlimited blackjack offers you a chance to surrender. Be sure to confirm with the casino software before the dealing of cards.

How to play Unlimited Blackjack: Unlimited Blackjack rules


Always split if you have your hands on aces. Forget the split option if you have 10s. With a pair of 9s, you can split against dealer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 but stand against dealer 7. Always split when you have 8s. Hit unless you hold a pair of 7s, 6s, against dealer 2 to 7 and 2 to 6 respectively. For pairs of 5s and 4s, split against dealer 5 to 9, and 5 and 6 respectively; otherwise hit. Then pairs of 3s and 2s always split against 2 to 7. Otherwise, you should hit.


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