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The growing trend of TV shows in the world of live casino games is making classic tables more fascinating. The Live Money Drop focuses on entertainment with premier footage from purpose-built studios of the global leader in iGaming software, Playtech. Featuring professional dealers, it has been designed to keep players fully engaged. Players can now enjoy an exceptional live gaming experience where players are brought closer to the action. This review confirms that this objective has been met. With a unique integration of CGI (Computer Generated Images) into its live streaming, it can keep punters hooked to their devices for long.

What is Live Money Drop?How to Play Money Drop by PlaytechLive Money Drop Payouts
What is Live Money Drop?

What is Live Money Drop?

This is a wheel-of-fortune-based casino game derived from The £100K Drop, a Channel 4 game show. Money Drop was released in July 2021 by the software provider Playtech and streams directly from live casino studios in Lithuania. Its overall design is inspired by Banijay's iconic brand, a world-class content producer and distributor. Like some of the latest gameshows from Playtech, Money Drop combines live gaming with the excitement of the popular TV series.

The game is more prominent in the UK but has been formatted to resonate with more than 50 countries. Thus, it becomes instantly recognizable in all gambling markets across the board. So, how is Live Money Drop by Playtech played? Details follow.

What is Live Money Drop?
How to Play Money Drop by Playtech

How to Play Money Drop by Playtech

Players have eight betting options. Each bet is denoted by a multiplier which rewards a winner when they complete their first stage of betting. These are 2,500x, 1,000x, 250x, 30x, 15x, and 8x. Two additional side bets are the Card Clash bonus and the Winning Zone bet.

The game starts with spinning the wheel of chance by a live dealer at the online casino. Two phases are involved when playing Money Drop by Playtech: Drop Zone and Money Drop.

Any punter who lands on a winning wager is entitled to move on to the second phase where they can distribute their bets across four positions whichever way they deem fit. It depends on the desired volatility per round.

The Money Drop phase culminates when 3 out of 4 zones have been dropped. Any stake put on the dropped zone becomes a loss. But all the money staked on the safe zone remains in the bankroll and cons be used in subsequent rounds.

Live Money Drop Rules

Any multiplier which is not 8x will result in a Drop Zone which uses the original format whereby players decide how to split their wagers. A Quick Drop is achieved when the weel pointer hits 8x. In this case, punters should place all their bets in one zone and witness the unfolding of a thrilling session.

The bigger the prize gained during the first round, the more the Money Drop rounds will be allowed. As an example, the Quick Drop which offers an 8x multiplier can only play a single round. But a 2500x win allows up to three plays in the Money Drop round.

About the Side Bets

The Winning Zone bet comes in handy when players or spectators lose all their stakes during the Drop Zone rounds. It enables one to bet on what winning zone comes next. This gives players who have lost everything to keep up with the action, though in a restricted setup.

The Card Clash bonus bet offers an opportunity to grab multiplier-boosted payouts, based on the format: higher/lower. It features multiplier gameplay with payouts potentials of up to 5000x.

If someone bets on 30x and the wheel points that multiplier, they win an amount equivalent to 30 times their stake. Every round, players can bet on all eight positions. While betting on numerous positions sounds like a lucrative move, the wager must pass the second phase- Money Drop.

How to Play Money Drop by Playtech
Live Money Drop Payouts

Live Money Drop Payouts

Generally, Money Drop is easier than most games in live casinos. The only challenge is maintaining a win. Any gambling fan who wishes to grab the highest pay should be ready to take high-stake bets. They must choose a uniform zone throughout three Money Drop rounds. Losing one round is a loss of the entire game. The safest way to bet is spreading wins on the four designated zones.

Live Money Drop’s RTP lies between 96% and 97.2%. Players can bet with anything in the range of €/$0.10 to €/$500. As mentioned above, the maximum win can have a 5,000x multiplier.

In the Card Clash game, payouts will be awarded as per the winning multipliers. There is no prize for picking a losing position. A single win grants 5x, two wins receive 15x, while three wins get 95x. In a case of a tie at the end of the three rounds, the Card Clash pays all contestants a 1000x jackpot prize.

Live Money Drop Payouts

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