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Live casino Crazy Time game is available at the best live casinos in the world. The live game was introduced by Evolution Gaming in mid-2020. This provider is popular for developing top live games for casinos. The Crazy Time casino game is Wheel of Fortune-styled and is played on a large crazy time wheel in a live studio.

There is a primary betting round as well as four bonus rounds in the game. These are Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. The goal of the game is to correctly anticipate the number that the wheel will stop on. Bonus games provide excitement and the opportunity to boost players' pay-outs.

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Crazy Time

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General Information
What is live Crazy Time game?

What is live Crazy Time game?

The game is simple to play in live casinos. That’s the reason it has attracted thousands of players worldwide. The Crazy Time Wheel combines 54 sectors, 8 digits, and bonus games. Some numbers and names appear far more frequently than others. The number of sections varies in each bonus game, and the digit has taken the wheel. Live casino Crazy Time contains only one section, but Coin Flip has four. Cash Hunt and Pachinko each feature two portions. Number ten has four sections, whereas number five has seven. There are 13 and 21 portions in each of the two.

What is live Crazy Time game?
How to play live Crazy Time game

How to play live Crazy Time game

Casino live Crazy Time is not exactly a bonus game, but it’s a game within a game. When the wheel turns, the upper slot spins as well. Whenever the Crazy Time game section appears on the wheel, the player bets on it. When the identical symbol appears in the top slot, the players receive a multiplier. If not, the turn is over. There are various extra games available in Crazy Time.

A big wall with actual pegs serves as the backdrop for the Pachinko game in a Crazy Time live casino. When the game starts, the presenter will throw a puck against the wall. The puck will come to a stop at a random location on the wall. The player will receive the multiplier revealed once the puck has landed. If the puck lands on the double value, all multipliers are multiplied by two, and the puck is re-dropped.

How to play live Crazy Time game
Crazy Time bonus games

Crazy Time bonus games

In Crazy Time, there are several bonus games that is offered.


The game has a large wall with physical pegs. When the game begins, the presenter will drop a puck into the wall. The puck will stop at a random part of the wall.

The player will get the multiplier that will be revealed after the puck has landed. If the puck lands in the double value, all the multipliers are doubled and the puck will re-drop.

Technically speaking the re-drop can’t keep occuring forever.

There is a limit for multipliers. When they reach 10,000 the puck will stop re-dropping and the player's turn will end. Since the chances of multipliers reaching 10,000 are almost zero, it’s extremely unlikely that hitting a re-drop becomes impossible for the player.

Coin Flip

The Coin Flip game entails tossing a coin. There are two sides to every story. The first is red and the second is blue. The player must decide which side to wager on. If the player wins the bet, they will receive a multiplier.

Crazy Time

There is a slot on top of the wheel, it’s where this game is displayed.

We’ve got one small confession to make. This one isn’t a bonus game. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a game within a game, but it’s more like a part within the main game.

Here is how it works.

Everytime the wheel spins, the top slot also spins. If the Crazy Time game section appears on the wheel, the player places a bet on the symbol.

If the same symbol is shown on the top slot, then the players get a multiplier. If not, then the turn ends.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is unlike any of the other Crazy Time casino game as it requires the use of a canon. There is a board with hundreds of symbols on it, and underneath the symbols are 108 random multipliers. A symbol must be shot by the player. After the turn is done, it is revealed if the player fired a multiplier symbol or a small, medium, or large multiplier.

Crazy Time bonus games
Live Crazy Time game software srovider

Live Crazy Time game software srovider

Evolution Gaming is the world's leading provider of live casino games. The European studio, founded in 2006, has witnessed phenomenal growth. It has swiftly established itself as the undisputed leader in live casino games. Because of the great quality and novelty of its games, an increasing number of live casinos use its services frequently across the world.

Crazy Time casino game was created by Evolution Gaming and released in July 2020. The Evolution Crazy Time Dream Catcher Edition is the official name. It's a one-of-a-kind game that has more than lived up to its promise in the best live casinos. A presenter hosts the game, and their role is to spin the wheel and participate in the extra rounds. They explain the mechanism and give excitement to the game's processes.

The game is complicated, and any player must not attempt to play it without first learning about it. Playing in live casinos has several levels and several actions. Most players are drawn to the bonus rounds because they offer the highest payouts. When a player wagers strategically, they can almost certainly expect to benefit in the long run. Knowing what selections to make is beneficial to the game.

Live Crazy Time game software srovider
Live Crazy Time strategy

Live Crazy Time strategy

Tips for beginners

The goal of the game is to place a bet on the number one believes the wheel will land on. The numerals 1, 2, 5, and 10 appear on the wheel, with pay-outs varying according to how many times the number occurs on the wheel.

The top slot will spin with the main wheel before each gaming round, generating a multiplier for a random bet area. This provides players with the opportunity to considerably improve their winnings. Crazy time begins after 15 seconds of betting time has passed. In a Crazy Time, players should avoid the various Crazy Time trackers available online. They display how long it has been since a certain piece of the wheel has been triggered. Because this is a chance game based on random number generators.

Tips for advanced players

Most people ask if there is a Crazy Time strategy with the best playing approach for playing Crazy Time live. The bonus rounds are the highlight of Crazy Time. To earn a significant amount of money, players should wager on the bonus-round places on the betting grid. If they continually bet on numbers, they will hardly win in the long run. Both the odds and the payout table are stacked against them.

Also, players should never forget about the laws of probability. If a bonus did not occur during the previous 10 spins, it is more likely to occur during the next spins. So, in this game, timing their bets and changing the investments could be crucial.

The basic rule of any gambling game is to stop winning while one is ahead. Live games like Crazy Time are designed to keep players engrossed in the action. But players should not let this distract them when it's time to log off.

Live Crazy Time strategy
Top live Crazy Time game bonuses

Top live Crazy Time game bonuses

The extra elements of the live casino game are what have made it so popular. One can hope for one of the four in-game bonus opportunities and enjoy the multipliers and extra winnings that they provide. Players should also look for online casino bonuses that may be used for live games.

Welcome bonus

Most casinos provide a welcome bonus to new patrons. To earn this offer, players must first properly register and validate their accounts. Players should be aware that while it is intended as a welcome incentive, it is only available once. However, some casinos may pay them additional bonuses for promoting their friends. It is an excellent opportunity to begin gaining gaming experience.

Deposit and cashback bonuses

Top Crazy Time casinos will occasionally offer punters a deposit bonus of up to 100% of their deposits. Some, however, only provide the bonus on the first deposit. The cashback bonus is only available to existing players. Most of the time, it is either a full refund or a capped amount of the deposit. Some casinos also provide players with a bonus for their lost bets. However, this is not provided regularly.

Top live Crazy Time game bonuses
The Crazy Time wheel

The Crazy Time wheel


The Crazy Time Wheel has 54 sections and 8 digits and bonus games combined. Some of the games and numbers appear much more often than others.

Here are the number of sections each game and digit has taken on the wheel.

  • Coin Flip (4 sections)
  • Cash Hunt (2 sections)
  • Crazy Time (1 section)
  • Pachinko (2 sections)
  • 10 (4 sections)
  • 5 (7 sections)
  • 2 (13 sections)
  • 1 (21 sections)
The Crazy Time wheel
Crazy time RTP table

Crazy time RTP table

1 96.08%
2 95.95%
5 95.78%
10 95.73%
Pachinko 94.33%
Cash Hunt 95.27%
Coint Flip 95.70%
Crazy Time 94.41%
Crazy time RTP table
Crazy Time payouts

Crazy Time payouts

Bet Number of Segments Payouts
1 21 1:1
2 13 2:1
5 7 5:1
10 4 10:1
Pachinko 2 up to $500,00
Cash Hunt 2 up to $500,00
Coin Flip 4 up to $500,00
Crazy Time 1 up to $500,00
Crazy Time payouts

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