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Live Speed Baccarat

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The thrill, suspense, and the opportunity to cash in wins are what spur most online gamblers. Thanks to Live Speed Baccarat, players can enjoy gaming with little downtime and the boredom of long rounds. Wins and losses in this Baccarat variant are almost instantaneous. This new variation of playing Baccarat if developed by Evolution Gaming. Betting action has never been this furious! But what is Live Speed Baccarat, and how is it played?

What is Live Speed Baccarat?

Live Speed Baccarat is a variant of Live Baccarat that has taken the concept of fast-paced gaming to a new level. A single Live Baccarat round lasts less than 48 seconds. However, in Speed Baccarat, a round is over in 28 seconds. Based on this pace, gamblers can play approximately 120 hands within an hour. The more they wager, the more likely they are to generate incredible wins.

How to Play Live Speed Baccarat?

Live Speed Baccarat Rules

Speed baccarat doesn't deviate by much from the standard version. The same basic rules are utilized within the game.

The game utilizes eight decks of 52 cards. For the card values, aces are worth 1, face cards 0, 10s are worth 0, while cards between 2 and 9 are taken at their numerical value. Each shoe is dealt until the appearance of the cut card. At this stage, the shoe can be swapped, or the cards reshuffled. Similar to other Baccarat games, the speed variant offers three regular bets, the Banker, Player, and Tie.

Banker's Hand

A wager on the banker's hand pays out even money. However, adjustments are made to accommodate the house edge. This translates to a 5% commission cut from each win.

Player's Hand

The payouts are even.


A tie occurs if the player and banker have the same hand value. This bet pays 8:1.

Although rounds are often fast, side bets can still be placed. Some of the popular side bets in Live Speed Baccarat include the following.

Either Pair

This bet is a prediction of whether the player or banker will land a pair. Wins are paid 5:1.

Perfect Pair (One)

This wager is based on whether the two cards dealt to the player or the banker are of identical value or suit. The pay is set at 25:1.

Perfect Pair (Two)

This wager is won if both cards (two) dealt to the banker and player are identical in rank and value. The payout is an alluring 200:1.

How Does Live Speed Baccarat Work?

The game's objective is to land a hand total close to 9. Gamblers can only play it at live casinos that support Live Speed Baccarat. Before the game commences, players wager on either the banker or player to reach the game's objective. A tie bet can also be staked to predict the match ending in a tie. These bets should be placed in less than 13 seconds due to the pace of the game.

After bets have been placed, the dealer deals two cards to both the banker and the player. The values of these cards are displayed, and the winner is determined. A natural win occurs when a gambler hits a hand of 9 or 8. A third card can be drawn when the player's card value is between 0 and 5. Such an action forces the banker to take a stance.

How to Win at Live Speed Baccarat: Live Speed Baccarat Strategy

Players who want to play Speed Baccarat Live dealer online must employ some strategy to win. The most important tip is bankroll management. Since the game is fast-paced, a player can lose a lot in quick rounds. The other strategy is to always go for the banker. The stats show that the banker's hand has a 45.85% chance of winning as opposed to 9.53% in the tie and 44.62% in the player's hand.

When was Live Speed Baccarat invented?


In early 2017.

What are the odds?


The player and banker's hand pay even money. The tie pays 8:1.

How long is each round?


Approximately 28 seconds.

Are there side bets?


Yes. Players can wager on Either Pair or Perfect Pa

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