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The convenience of online casinos is one of the reasons that have made the gambling model grow so fast over the past few years. Online casinos allow players to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of home, the workplace, or even on the go. The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic also made this playing model ideal. It falls squarely in line with containment measures that require minimum physical contact.

Another convenience of online casinos is the ease of making deposits. Credit cards are among the most popular deposit methods accepted in many existing and upcoming online casinos. Q Card is proving to be a particularly popular deposit method. The card's use and immense benefits in online casinos are discussed in this article.

About Q CardBest Live Casinos with Q CardDepositing with Q Card at Live Casinos
About Q Card

About Q Card

Q-Card is a New Zealand-born credit card company that allows holders up to three months of payments without interest. It can be used for both in-store and online purchases.

The company has been in operation for over a decade. It partners with different businesses around the world to allow account holders to make payments with ease even when they are short of cash. This makes it ideal for making deposits in online casinos, where players may sometimes need to transact at odd hours of the day.

An annual account holder fee of $50 applies. After the lapse of the three months without payment, an interest rate of 25.99% p.a is charged.


Q Card is provided by Consumer Finance Limited, which is a member of the Humm Group of companies. It partners with payment methods such as MasterCard in its operations in different parts of the world.

Interested cardholders only need to make an online application that is both easy and fast to complete. Once the application is accepted, owners can then proceed to use the card to make deposits in online casinos that accept this payment method.

About Q Card
Best Live Casinos with Q Card

Best Live Casinos with Q Card

Live casino is the latest development in online casinos. Through a live stream, players can engage in a near real-life casino betting session where they can see and interact with the dealer and, at times, other players. The thrill and speed of games are similar to those of a physical casino.

As such, players need a swift payment method. This ensures that they do not miss out on any round of a gambling session. Q Card provides a perfect answer to this.

All a player needs is to make a Q Card login before starting the gaming session and ensure that it is active. Then, from the casino website, the player selects Q Card as a payment method from the drop-down menu on 'Payment Methods.'

Best Live Casinos with Q Card
Depositing with Q Card at Live Casinos

Depositing with Q Card at Live Casinos

The next step is to make a deposit. When Q Card is selected while depositing, a redirect will always take the player to the Q Card login page from where they can complete the transaction. Players using trusted personal devices can save their Q Card password, so they don't have to log in during every transaction.

To make a direct deposit at the live casino:

  • The player selects Q Card as their preferred payment option from the deposit section of the live casino website.
  • The site redirects to the Q Card login page from where the transaction is completed.

The deposit limit varies from one online casino to another. Q Card does not have a limit so long as one has not reached their normal card limit.

Q Card Casinos

This payment method began in New Zealand and is still widely popular there. As such, it is common in live online casinos that have a connection with the region. However, its association with MasterCard has seen it grow in popularity, and it is now accepted in many casinos that accept MasterCard as a deposit method.

Players can connect their Q Card account with their bank. This enables payments to be made directly once the three months' grace period is over. Doing this is a great way to avoid the interest that accrues after that.

Depositing with Q Card at Live Casinos

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